Let’s Travel to Patna with “Xclusive Holiday” to rejuvenate your life

Patna is the city situated on the bank of river Ganga & it is the capital of Bihar. City is the favorite corner of political, religious during the ancient period.  City is one of the old cities of the country, like as old as Indian politics. It is the largest town in Bihar. Patna has ancient components all over the town. People need to take a long holiday for Rome around the city & get to know about the city in the well manner.

Why Patna is famously listed among the travel companies?

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The most talkative places of Patna, one should visit during their visit:

  1. Kumrahar
  2. Golghar
  3. Patna Museum
  4. Agam Kuan
  5. Jalan Museum
  6. Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden
  7. Nalanda University
  8. Buddha Smriti Park
  9. Jalmandir Temple
  10. Mahavir Mandir

GolGhar is one of the ancient buildings of India. It was one of the tallest buildings of that time. It is a granary built by Captain John Garstin, in 1786. From the top view angle of the building person can see the spectacular majestic Ganges gushing beneath. This building was build to store the gains at that time. It is the main attraction of the city.

Other eye catching tourist places of City are Patna museum. While travel to Patna, person should visit this place to see the oldest museum of the town. The museum possesses over 45000 artifacts, owing to space restraint, a minor percentage of the possessions are on display

Let’s Travel to Patna with “Xclusive Holiday”:

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