if someone wants to traverse the cultural cities in India, one must visit and stays in Lucknow. Typically knows as a “City of Nawab’s” or “City of tehzeeb” (Cultures). “Xclusive Holidays” offers best and customized tour packages for visiting Lucknow.

Let’s traverse the Golden City of India – Lucknow

Lucknow- Typically knows as a Golden city of India. It is also known from the other name which is “City of Nawab’s”, because this city if founded by one of the Nawab. It is a Multicultural city of India; the people from multiple cultures are live in this city. Lucknow is famous for its multi-cultural attitude that too means, Well manner behavior, because of this, City is also known by the name of “City of Tehzeeb” (Cultures).  It is one of the populous city of the state.

If the person needs a vacation which is full of cultural trip and wants to see the politeness of the localities. Then must visit the Lucknow once in your life time. It can be become entertainment trip as well as educational trip. You will came to know about the Tazeeb’s which is followed by the Nawab’s in their era.

Best Tourist Spots in Lucknow are:

  1. Hazratganj
  2. Bara Imambara
  3. British Residency
  4. Lucknow Zoo
  5. Vidhan Sabha Bhawan Council House
  6. Rumi Darwaza
  7. Constantia House
  8. Shahi Bawli- the Royal well with bathrooms
  9. Asifi Masjid
  10. Hussainabad Picture Gallery
  11. Satkhanda
  12. Jama Masjid Etc & etc

Lucknow has the extra-ordinary charm with their momentum & other ancient places.

Haute cuisine of The City: Each and every city having their own extra-ordinary ways of cooking. There is something different as a style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country or region. The Prominent foods of city are:

  • Kabab’s – Above all
  • kormas,
  • kaliya,
  • Nahari-kulchas,
  • zarda,
  • sheermal,
  • roomali rotis and warqi parathas

Competitive Shopping areas in Lucknow:

When visit to Lucknow, the people will notice that there are no huge multiplexes or shopping complexes. There are tinny shops and local markets where the shopping experience gives you the goose bumps.  Shopping in the little markets having their own charm. City is much more famous for his cloth material “Chicken”. So must buy Chicken suits, Kurtis and many more things from the city.

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