Khajuraho a place in Madhya Pradesh full of Hindu and Jain temple known commonly Kama sutra temples all over dedicated to Shiva, Jain and Vishnu. As per the survey it was calculated there were 75 temples In Khajuraho but now 22 are left.  Khajuraho is the most tourist visited site for all the world. Khajuraho is divided into many zones mainly south, east and west in which western zone is the biggest.

Major tourist attractions in Khajuraho-

• Lakshmana temple – the oldest and the finest temple in Madhya Pradesh showing the trinity of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

• Kandariya Mahadeo temple – beautifully decorated both from inside and outside with sculptures of Indian artistry.

Devi Jagdamba temple – or you can say jagadambika temple, it induces a group of 25 temples of Khajuraho. Dedicated to goddess Devi. It has the big image of Devi in the universe.

Chaunsat Yogini - the only beautiful granite temple in the khajurao dedicated to Surya god and it faces the east shoeing the rise of the sun.

Hanuman temple-

  1. Brahma temple made entirely in sandstone and granite dedicated to Vishnu.
  2. Vamana temple, it is recognized to be the dwarf form of Vishnu.

Javari temple

Dulhadev temple lies at the last of khajurao in the south.

Beeja Mandal temple – very near to the chaturbujh temple.

Chaturbujh temple – it is as well known as jatkari temple.

A very interesting and a breathtaking part of khajurao is the brightness and the sound show of temples along the west side, it held every evening and well narrated by the Bollywood icon of India Amitabh Bachan.

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