Top 20 destinations of india to be visited once in your life time

There are amazing breathtaking sites in India to be visited once in your life time .These destinations at every corner includes the natural major attractions or man made attractions  of India. once in your lie time visit to india to these places will be your best experience of your life .these amazed places are widely speared in india. xclusive holiday presnts the list of these wonderful places.

1) Brahmaputra

Brahmaputra river is one of the major river of India lying in the north side, Originating towards Tibet ,flowing through Arunachal and the deep valleys of Assam then falling into the Bay of Bengal. During the sunset at Brahmaputra river it seems to be a magical picture formed by the dark clouds and the upcoming rays are playing with the water.
sunset has always been a beautiul part to see but that too in bramaputra it is the breathtaking moment to cherish.

2) Melts of Himalayas

The great himalayas carries the big part of lakes flowing into.Himalaya of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim captures the best frozen lake in India, Frozen lake at Gurudongmar Lake of Sikkim ,Tawang and Dal Lake in Srinagar which is world famous . These frozen water bodies adds beauty to the Himalayas.

3) Islands of Lakshadweep

These islands are the beautiul tiniest part adding in the union territory.These islands in lakshadweep are the best sporty places induding the best sports like scuba diving, skiing etc.As all have known the jewels of the sea are the islands of andaman and nicobar and lakshadweep island.

4) Amazed beauties of Western Ghat

Western Ghatsis is beautiully nicknamed as Sahyadri mountain range that runs through the border of kanyakumari. It is the hottest biodiversity spot and a big house for the flora and fauna. Western Ghats includes all the beauty stricks like the highest peaks, reserviors,wateralls,natural and man made lakes and lot more.

5) Ghats of Varanasi

Varanasi or can be called as Banaras is one of the oldest temple city of India situated along the river Ganges of Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi is considered as the holy city of Hindu and for Buddhists, Jains and can be nicknamed as the temple city of india. this city has lots of ghats for different purposes like bathing , burning , worshiping so it is also known as burning ghats of india.

6) Mangrove Forest of Sundarbans

Mangrove forest of Sundarbans are one of the tallest and largest mangrove in the world,liying in the Sundarban delta of West Bengal. The Sundarbans are dense forest and home for the royal tiges of bengal . Sundarbans itself defines its name with its beautiful meaning.

7) Ladakh Lakes

Ladakh is itself a beautiul home of outstanding lakes in india. these lakes appear most beautiful in the evening as it changes itself at every hour of it. Pangong is the most high altitude lake in the world. The relections of the blue skies on the lakes lokks like the star on the earth.

8) Waterfalls in Shillong

Shillong is the well known most wet place on earth with a great number of its annual rainfall. Meghalaya rating the second number then the cherrapunji as the wettest places with great numbers of the annual rainfall. this amzing places is surrounded by great waterfalls, green mountains and huge green trees giving the best spectacular view.

9) Wildlife Tourin Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is near the heart land of India named Madhya Pradesh. This reserve is the largest reserve carrying the wide varriety o wild indian dogs, royal bengal tigers and yess leopards. Kanha National Park is amazingly rich in wildlife and mostly covered with sal forest and dense bamboo forest. Bandhavgarh is the second most popular reserve of madhya pradesh.

10) Night in The Thar Desert

The great indian thar desert is is the royal state called rajasthan. It offers the wonderful astonishing experiance.It is in Bikaner and known as the jewel of the Thar Desert with its extreme climate conditions in the mid of its place.

11) Backwaters of Kerala

The God’s own blessed country offers the best experience of the brackish lagoons and lakes along with the sea coast. This Kerala backwaters is created by huge five rivers, lakes, canals amd many more.These lakes are one of the major attractions of Kerala and a home to unique species of aquatic animals and birds living along the sides of the backwaters lagoons.

12) Exotic Beaches of Goa

Goa, the smallest state with the capital panji but rich in tourism and known for its astonishing beaches, architecture,churches,night hangouts, worship, sights.Beaches of Goa are well known for its freedom AND unique way. Stunning parts of its flora , auna , churches , amazing skeing, hot air balloons etc.

13)Snow Clad Mountains of Manali

The snow covered mountains with glittering snow fall over makes trip adventures. Himachal Pradesh the best snow tour of india and host some of the most adventures winter sports as Heli-Ski,Snowboarding ,Skiing.

14) Forest of North East

Twenty five percent of india is covered by forest including the seven sisters . There are almost 51 types of forest found in the north east region
• Deciduous forests
• Semi evergreen
• Wet evergreen forests
• Alpine forests
• Temperate forest
These forest offering major National Park and home sweet home to 10,000 species of lowers nad birds.

15) Temples of Bhubaneswar City

Bhubaneswar is proudly known as city of temples carrying 600 temples in just one heart. capital of orissa kalinga nagari is the most cleanest and green city of india. The Kalinga Nagari is the capital city of Indian state Orissa and also regarded as one of the cleanest and greenest city of India. Bhubaneswara at the  Puri and Konark are famous for
• Duladevi Temple
• Puri jagannath temple.
• Lingaraj temple
• konark sun temples
• Mukteshwar Temple
Bhubaneswar is a city formimg  Great Trinity of“-Vishnu-Brahma-Mahesh”

16) Trek to Valley of Flowers

Valley of flowers is in national park located in the peaks of west Himalaya and well known for its the variety of flora and fauna of alpine flowers. Monsoon season is the best time to visit this beautiful flowers valley.

17) Tranquil Hills of Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a gift of forest in tamil nadu. This hill city is beautifuly blessed with dense forests, Waterfall, meadows and Rocks of pillar. Tranquil the beautiful hill region is also nicknamed as Princess or prince of Hills with beautiful spots of enjoyment like Dolphin’s Nose,tranquil lake,rock pillars, and giant laid garden

18) Araku Valley on Eastern Ghats

Eastern Ghats is range of mountains along with the eastern coast of India, from West Bengal state through Orissa and towards Andhra Pradesh. Breathtaking Araku valley is a hill station in Andhra Pradesh and a home for different tribes.the most precious  Araku valley is very beautiful part  in the Eastern Ghats famous for its coffee plantations.

19) Colors of Sea at Kanyakumari

The Kanyakumari is situated at the hree great water bodies of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the fascinating Indian Ocean. Kanyakumari is a beautiful jewel of the the Oceans and the holliest place due to the kanyakumari temple. As the colour or direction changes of sun it reflectes back the to these water.

20) Tea Gardens of Darjeeling

Darjeeling, the princes of the Hills is situated at the foothills of the great Himalayas in India of West Bengal . The large tea plantation region also known as tea gardens of Darjeeling is one of the most attractivepart of the city along with fascinating flora and fauna, adventures sports and hiking and grafting trekking . Tea of Darjeeling is well famous for its flavor, aroma and its best quality.